Sales and Marketing

PROMEK sales engineers, who have extensive knowledge and expertise in chute or chimney systems, are always ready to serve you professionally in your projects. Our engineers exchange their views with you on chute or chimney alternatives, necessary stock quantity, tailored solution offers and in accordance with your request, they will offer solutions most properly and economically.

Project and Design

Drawing of application projects, controlling of chute or chimney application steps in computer environment, verification of diameter calculations for chimneys are performed by our expert engineers and technicians by means of specific software support through autocad. Our project staff adapt all the necessary products to the projects and try to minimize customers’ requirement.


With its 1.500 m² indoor area manufacturing capacity, Promek produces various kinds of project-based products according to customers’ demands. Among these products are chimney systems that are fire resistant stainless steel single and double walls in line with 316 L quality, norms, standards and criteria of EN 1856-1 and EN 1856-2 in addition to having mechanical robustness and long durability. In addition to the stainless steel chimney in the product range, Promek is able to produce linen and refuse chute systems, self-standing industrial chimney systems. Our company manufactures linen and refuse chute products in conformity with international specifications in various diameters. The diameters of this system range between Ø500 and Ø850 but project specified diameters are also produced in our line. The components of system are fire resistant in accordance with EN and UL standards.

After Sales Support

Mechanical engineering is a range of packet services encapsulating many interconnected factors. After sales phase is one of the most important part of this service. Our expert supervisors who have experience on site and chute and chimney systems will be at your service whenever you need from the beginning to the end and no matter where in the world your site is.